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    Group Strength

    Group Strength

    R & D Capabilities

    Mancheong has a dedicated R&D Building which also functions as Foshan City Green and Digital Printing Technology Center & Label Printing Technology Center of Shunde District of Foshan City.

    In recent 3 years, Mancheong have implemented 17 R&D projects and converted 12 into productions (including 3 high-tech products). Obtained 6 invention patents. 9 patents for utility models. 1 Software copyright, 42 the development of enterprise standards, and 3 involved in the development of national standards.

    As a professional label manufacturer, our company owns advanced R & D equipment and can simulate the process of customer use from material research and development - label production - to label - bottle washing off the entire process, can be in our company R & D platform to be simulated test to ensure that the use of new label products performance, to the maximum extent possible to meet the actual application requirements of customers.

    • Material development
    • Label production
    • Bottle labeling
    • Washing off the label